This is a  "cold process shampoo" equal to more than 2ltr of liquid - and will last you a very long time, this has a completely neutral composition that will cater for all types of hair, it foams very fast and you will not need to use much, does not go mushy.

This shampoo is composed of an active surfactant from coconut, the softest that exists, white clay, cocoa butter, organic argan oil and candelilla wax. Without perfume. 80 grams.

Lather the wet shampoo directly in the hair in a reduced quantity, massage the scalp, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

The ingredients are such that they include key conditioning ingredients used so you really should not need a conditioner - 

Completely natural ingredients
Sulphate Free
Paraben Free
SLS Free
High lather factor
Very safe, non toxic, non irritant ingredients
Natural colour, no chemical colours you see on many other shampoo bars.
Fully biodegradable
Coconut oil base
Plastic Free
Zero Waste

Marseille Handmade Natural Solid Shampoo Bar